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Michigan Drunk Driving Defense Cases

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan DUI

After a night out with friends, Joe's client had pulled into a parking lot. She was found by the police asleep behind the wheel with the engine running.

After submitting to field sobriety tests, she was given a breath test. The breath test revealed a BAC of 0.21. She was placed under arrest and charged with DUI.

Sadly for Joe's client, she had a prior alcohol conviction, so a conviction here would result in jail-time.

After a detailed analysis of all the evidence in the case, Joe filed a motion to suppress some it. After no fewer than 7 court hearings and extensive negotiations with the prosecutor, the matter was set for jury trial.

The day before the trial, a final negotiation took place and Joe again pointed out the weaknesses in the prosecution's case. As a result of these negotiations, the prosecution offered to make a deal.

The charge of DUI was reduced to Reckless Driving.


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